Why You Need a Private Museum

April 27, 2021 / Ron Friedman

Andy Warhol collected artwork.

David Bowie collected records.

Julia Child collected cookbooks. 

History teaches us that a striking number of top performers appeared naturally drawn to collecting works they admired, long before entering and later dominating their field. 

Why is collecting outstanding examples so important? 

Because the first step to achieving mastery is recognizing mastery in others. 

When we think of collections, we tend to think of

physical objects, like artworks, wine, or stamps. 

That definition is too limited. 

Copywriters collect headlines, designers collect logos, consultants collect presentation decks. 

Tour your collection as you would a private museum that you visit to find inspiration, study the greats, and remind yourself to think big.

Ron Friedman

Dr. Ron Friedman is a former academic who's fascinated by what it takes to succeed at the highest levels.